Costs of gasoline, water, light are monthly habitual fees. Before you buy or lease a home, you evidently need to be nicely organized! We are satisfied to offer you with insight into the average fees of fuel, water and light in line with month. That manner you realize where you stand!

Rising energy fees
The state of affairs in Ukraine has recently led to a pointy rise in strength costs. We remember the fact that this raises the important questions. View the frequently requested questions and what it approach for you right here.

Average gas, water and light costs
A family of two human beings in a terraced house can pay an average of € 152 consistent with month for gas, water and light. The average fees for gas are € 104 consistent with month, for water the average costs are € 18 per month and for light that is € 30 according to month.

Calculate gas, water, light prices
Perhaps you are going for your own for the primary time, or you’re shifting in collectively. No matter what the scenario is; it is first-rate to realize what you pay about monthly in gas, water and mild costs.

Please be aware that the real fees of gasoline, water, might also vary slightly. In this text we count on a median consumption. In addition, the precise expenses depend on your water and energy provider.

GWL calculate tool
You can assume that the prices of fuel, water and light for 1 character with an rental are a good deal lower than the GWL fees of a family of five people. This is because the average strength consumption of one person is a lot decrease.

Select the situation that suits you in our device to calculate the common fees of gasoline, water and mild:


GWL fees: common prices gas
You use gas to warmness your property, for cooking and to heat the water – so that you can take a pleasant warm bathe! You can count on that fuel is the biggest price for your account. Do you stay fuel-free? Then this saves a extensive a part of your monthly GWL costs.

To calculate the average price of gas, we take a look at your own home kind. Heating a huge, detached house costs more gas than heating an apartment. Which applies to you: an condo, terraced residence or indifferent house?

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