A windmill, or wind turbine, converts wind into power. This way of producing electricity is sustainable, this means that that it is good for the environment. How does a windmill work and how much electricity does a windmill produce?

Rising strength expenses
The situation in Ukraine has recently caused a pointy upward thrust in electricity charges. We remember the fact that this raises the important questions. View the often asked questions and what it approach for you right here.

How does a windmill paintings?
The wind causes the rotor blades of the windmill to rotate and wind energy is generated. In the nacelle of the windmill, the generator converts the generated power into alternating contemporary. The transformer then guarantees that the alternating modern is transformed into high voltage. The generated energy is then transported thru cables inside the mast to the strength grid for use.

How do the special components of the windmill paintings?
Several components are worried inside the operation of a windmill. Think of the rotor blades, the nacelle, the generator and the mast. We are satisfied to explain the feature of every part of the windmill to you.

How do the rotor blades of a windmill paintings?
Most windmills have 3 rotor blades and these rotor blades catch the wind. The point where the blades (blades) meet is known as the rotor. The wind causes the rotor to rotate as a whole. The rotor blades also are adjustable and can be adjusted to the electricity of the wind. Green energy, or wind electricity, is generated on this manner.

How does the nacelle of a windmill paintings?
The rotor is connected to the nacelle. The gondola is without a doubt the housing of the windmill on the pinnacle of the mast. The wind vane on top of the windmill ensures that the wind direction is decided, in order that the gondola can flip inside the right direction. A unique motor then ensures that the nacelle continually turns to the right facet, in order that the blades are aimed at the wind.

How does a windmill generator work?
Inside the gondola is a generator. This is truely a large dynamo that – with the help of magnets – converts the movement of the rotor into power. In the gearbox, the low rotational pace is then converted into a excessive speed. This is important to generate energy.

How does the mast of a windmill work?
The generator is connected to a transformer, which ensures that the low voltage generated is converted into excessive voltage. The energy generated by a windmill is transported thru cables in the mast to the strength grid.

How does the protection device of a windmill paintings?
A windmill is geared up with a controller and a brake to make certain protection. The preliminary pace of a windmill is set 12 kilometers in keeping with hour and the controller measures the velocity of the wind. If the wind blows too difficult – approximately 90 kilometers per hour – the windmill stops turning for protection.

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